Mayra is a Southern California based makeup artist with a voracious dedication to develop both skill and art to produce print work for advertising, catalogues, and publications. She is eager to share her passion for beauty and makeup with her clients. 

She believes we are all born with artistic talent, often under utilized and neglected. She finds herself re-learning the art of self-expression, self-love, and awareness, pursuing her personal passions and truth. Mayra is exploring more of who she is to become through makeup and art. Her drive moved her to aspire and her determination keeps her focused, working on meaningful projects that enhance the beauty of each subject.

Mayra attended COSMO Makeup Academy in Orange, CA and is working  to build her portfolio and seeking opportunities for publication. 

For more information on Mayra's work, to reach out regarding employment opportunities, to collaborate on creative testing projects, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.

Remember, life is full of color and inspiration. All we need to do is listen, even the soft murmurs are often audible if we pay close attention. When the body speaks, listen. Open yours eyes wide to see what others often miss. 

Mayra Mejia 

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